Fase 3

Fase 3 es un proyecto colaborativo de cineastas de alrededor del globo, en un intento por artísticamente retratar la era en que vivimos el día de hoy.

Este filme establecerá respeto y entendimiento a las personas sea cualquiera su fe y educará e inspirará a los televidentes a sanar este mundo.


One Response to “Fase 3”

  1. lamariposavioleta Says:

    This is the most extraordinary and marvellous video I have ever seen in my entire life. It has allowed me to see with the eyes of my heart the huge and enormous pain, suffering and injustice of my world.

    I cried for every creature I saw suffering on the screen from the smallest to the largest one. I cried very much but I also smiled a lot because I could realize that all what I have ever dreamt, wished and thought hasn´t only happened to me. It also occurs to all of us when we start listening to our heart.

    Thank you very much for having produced, written and directed this revealing video with the help of God who was clearly manifested in every word articulated and in every picture shown.

    I felt that God was talking to me to show me the real way to allow me to evolve myself and help to change my brothers, the entire humanity, no matter the differences.

    Finally, I would like to thank for having made me distinguish where our power is situated as human beings.

    Thank you for having also showed me the face of all those deceitful, dishonest and cheating men who have always manipulated us to control us as their own slaves for centuries.

    This video carries the Face of God, the face of wisdom, peace, mercy and real love.

    It inspires to wake up completely and start acting together to make them stop with such cruelty and brutality.

    We have the strength of God inside us. We are able to change and save our world because we are supported by the most Powerful Energy in the Universe that is inside ourself: Pure Love.

    Pure love that is released powerfully from our hearts everytime we love .

    This kind of love will enlighten our intelligence, creativity, intuition and consciousness to act together, to connect each other, by loving each other to save the world, our world.

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